The Descent into Hell

The Descent into Hell – The War Trilogy Book Two

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November 1941: L’Hopitale L’Heroique, La Rochelle, France
Lieutenant Matt Hammond has returned to France desperate to see Amalie Balfoure, the girl he loves. He’s shocked to find that Amalie is a shadow of her former self—traumatised and mute after a horrific attack by Nazi soldiers, and heavily pregnant. Matt cannot come to terms with this hollow-eyed woman who shrinks from his touch—nor the child he believes was conceived during the attack—growing in her body.
Amalie’s brother, Jean Paul, realises Amalie cannot stay in France after the terrible events that stole her innocence, and arranges to have her evacuated to England.
When Amalie gives birth on the risky flight across the Channel, she’s wounded by Matt’s reaction to her daughter. It seems that all hope for their future is lost.
England is fighting for her survival and, as Amalie and Matt will discover, peace will be a long time coming, as they are brought together and separated once more by the conflict that surrounds them…