Peace and Redemption

Peace and Redemption – The War Trilogy Book Three

cover peace and redemption

April 1944: Sussex, England
The fight against Hitler goes on. Amalie’s husband, Major Christian Montague has been captured and killed in a Nazi prison. Amalie is bringing up her daughter, Sarah with the help of her mother-in-law, Lady Edwina Cranthorpe. Feeling lost without Christian and needing to do something more than play grieving widow, doting mother and lady of the manor, Amalie returns to nursing, caring for badly-burned bomber and fighter crews at a hospital on the south coast.
Life at Cranthorpe Hall may be sheltered from some of the harsher aspects of wartime but, as Amalie is discovering, the threat of conflict is never far away while Edwina hovers.

Torn and battered by the cruelty, sadness and separation that the last few years have brought, Amalie is desperate to spend time with the man who has always held the key to her heart, Captain Matt Hammond. A snatched afternoon in Matt’s protective arms is balm to her weary soul.
But storm clouds are gathering once more: Christian’s father, the Earl of Cranthorpe, has also died in a Japanese POW camp on the notorious Burma Railway. Edwina, Amalie and Sarah face being thrown out of their home as it passes to a distant cousin who will fritter the Estate, and all it entails, away.

The triumph of D-Day, when the Allies invade Europe to rid it of the Nazi scourge, should be cause for celebration. But for Amalie, it brings the return of old ghosts that again force her to face the terrible consequences of war. With victory finally in sight, can she ever find peace…because, despite their enduring love, it seems as if she and Matt are to be kept apart forever…