In Love and War

In Love and War – The War Trilogy Book One

cover in love and war

May 1941: La Rochelle, near Bordeaux, France
Nineteen-year-old Amalie Balfoure longs for liberation—from the invasion of her beloved country by Hitler’s forces, and from the over-protectiveness of her much older brother and guardian, Jean-Paul. By day, she’s a nurse at L’Heroique, the local hospital run by surgeon, Jean-Paul. By night, she and her compatriot, Antony Montard—a member of the local Resistance—are itching to join the fight against the Nazis and satisfy their thirst for adventure.

When Amalie and Antony help an Allied military unit make a parachute drop in order to carry out a series of covert missions against the Nazi Occupation, Amalie is excited—this is the action she has longed for. Amongst the commando party are Lieutenant Matthew Hammond, an American fighting for the British, and his commanding officer and friend, the aristocratic Captain Christian Montague.

Amalie is about to be thrown headlong into a war-torn future that holds both happiness and heartbreak with both men. It will show her the true meaning of hell…where her brave spirit will be tested to its limit and her life changed forever…